Ramen is our life

Japan has over 60,000 ramen stores throughout the country.
Our ramen tools are developed by those ramen store's demands.
They are state of the art machines, manufactured with craftsmanships and passion to a bowl of ramen.

Our Mission

We do not want to sell many products.

We have confident to our carefully selected products.

It will help grow your business efficiently,
pursuing more delicious ramen, expanding market,
developing new customer segments.

Our products will provide spare time
to archive such objectives.

Egg Peeling Machine

GoldenEgg is a compact, tabletop egg shell peeling machine.
It automates the time consuming job of peeling boiled eggs without damages.

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about Ramen Support

The products we offer are the actual products
have been introduced to US ramen stores
by Kenichi OTA, the founder of Ramen Support.

Kenichi has been opened many ramen stores
through out US as the ramen consultant.

Please try our carefully selected products. 

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