Food Cutter Mizin

Best for ramen vegetables

cabbage, burdock, onion, carrot, Chinese cabbage, potato, garlic, ginger, bell pepper

- If it is fine, the grain size will be uneven. If you run it twice in super fine, the grain size will be even.

Do not recommend for

raw and dry seaweeds, chives, raw and dry fishes, green onions.

How to use

  1. Turn on the machine, blades will spin, insert about 4cm cube or smaller cut vegetables.
  2. It is better to insert small batch of vegetable for efficient cut.
  3. Cutting roughness is adjustable by changing height adjusting plates under the blades.
  4. Please put vegetables through multiple times for a finer cut.

Note: Do not insert your hands and fingers into the inlet.

Recommended Working Hours

  1. Please use approximately 30 minutes. Then rest the machine for about 30 minutes.
  2. Please avoid continuous usage. It will shut down automatically by the rising motor temperature.
  3. It is better to stop the machine before an automatic shut down for the better motor life.

Processing Speed

  • About 3kg per minute
  • It will process approximately 90kg because it can run about 30 minutes continuously.


  • inlet cap, inlet, blades, adjusting plates, upper cover and scooping board are removable and washable.
  • Turn inlet to 'Loosen' direction to unlock. Loosen a butterfly bolt to remove blades.
  • Please avoid entrance of any water into switch when you wash the body. Just rinse any vegetable residue from the machine and wipe any water drops out from the machine.

Note: Please avoid water entries into the motor or the switch.It may cause a malfunction.