Egg Peeling Machine

Automatic Egg Peeling Machine

Stop losing imperfect peeled eggs

GoldenEgg is a compact, tabletop machine that automates the tedious job of peeling boiled eggs.
It will produce less than 5% damaged eggs (1/4 of hand peeling).
I’s 3 times faster than human hands.


  • Power: 120 V, 240V
  • Dimensions: Width-200mm x Length-500mm x Height–400mm
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Water supply and drainage are required for operations

Unlike industrial egg-peeling machines, GoldenEgg takes a very small space and one water faucet.
It can work even in a small restaurant kitchen.

Why Choose Golden Egg?

1. Saving Cost

How much can we save by using the Golden Egg?

We can save about USD 24.00 every day.
If we have 25 business days a month, our saving will be USD 600 a month, USD 7,200 a year.. We can save this much money by using the Golden Egg,

2. Saving Time

90% less engagement time

Because the engagement time is only 2 seconds per egg, the Golden Egg needs less than a minute to peel 100 eggs. We can save a tremendous time.
The Golden Egg process 100 eggs in 3.5 minutes. It will take 1.5 hours by human hands. The GoldenEgg can save more than 90% of labor time.

3. Reduce Damaged Eggs

The special spinning and cracking method enabled to minimize the damage on peeling process. The machine spins eggs in a certain way to make cracks on certain parts of the shells to reduce the breakage of whites significantly. Depending on the egg quality and properties, the average damage rate is around 5%. The average damage rate is around 20% by human hands.

You can save 15 eggs, when you peel 100 eggs a day. If we can buy a raw egg for USD 0.10, it would save USD 1.50 a day on egg-peeling.

4. Able to Peel Soft Boiled Eggs Without Damage

Soft boiled eggs, typically boiled for 6-8 minutes are very hard to peel without damaging the whites. Because, they are very soft and easy to break. This is the reason workers have to focus when peeling this type of eggs. Golden Egg has a specially designed peeling soft boiled eggs without any damages to the whites.
Of course, it peels hard-boiled eggs without damages as well.

How GoldenEgg peels boild eggs automatically

Q and A

Q. Can it be attached to any faucet?

A. It can be installed on any common kitchen sink faucet. If you have special needs, please contact us before purchasing.

Q. Can I adjust the pace at which the eggs are peeled?

A. There is a speed adjustment switch that allows you to adjust the speed from about 5 to 7 seconds per egg.

Q. How long does it take from order to delivery?

A. Please allow us 2 weeks by air.

Q. What is the payment?

A. Payment full upon order.

Q. I'm worried about whether the eggs in your store will really peel.

A. We will ask you the size of your eggs and cooking time in advance, and advise you on the proper way to cook them!