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Ramen Tool

Food Cutter MIZIN

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  • Recommended for fine cutting of ramen vegetables such as cabbages, carrots, chains cabbages, onions, etc.
  • One run cuts all. No need to run multiple times.
    (It is better to run twice for super fine cuts.)
  • Cutting roughness is adjustable by changing thickness plates.
  • Easy to carry ultra compact design. Best choice for your ramen business.



Dimensions W18.8cm × D28.4cm × H42.2cm
Weight 5.1kg
Single Phase 100V 130W/140W w/ thermal protector
Thickness Adjustment
By changing thickness plates
Recommended Running Time
30m(It process 3kg/min)
KK Happy Japan

Body Details

 Ingredient slot diameter is about 10cm

 This machine is for vegetable mizin cuttings. (not for dice cuts)

 Roughness is adjustable between fine and super fine by changing adjusting plates.